Full focus on learning

An academic atmosphere

The whole team at the school, including teachers, school leaders, and support staff is there to help your child learn. Our firm belief is that the starting point for all learning is to establish a safe and calm environment.

A safe and calm environment

A calm environment is an important step in nurturing high academic expectations. Together we create an atmosphere where your child can concentrate and be ready to learn, and where teachers can focus on delivering engaging lessons.

We ask all of our students to join staff in helping to create a pleasant working environment, through simple acts like behaving in a respectful way to everyone.

Students, parents and staff who join IES sign an agreement to uphold a common set of values, which clearly states that we will all work together to ensure that our schools remain welcoming spaces, free of vandalism, bullying and noise.

A whole team to support and challenge

We have a team of well-educated teachers and specialists in each school to help and challenge your child. Our teachers are supported by academic managers, heads of department, heads of year, the student care team and behavioural specialists, who provide extra assistance, over and above what is normally found in Swedish schools, to meet the emotional and academic needs of students. 

All students have a mentor. Your child’s mentor has a special duty to support them in the coming years. He or she is the main contact between you, as a parent, and the school. We provide formal feedback four times a year, while mentors maintain regular contact with parents throughout the school year. This level of contact is important as your family also has a key role in helping your daughter or son succeed.