Welcome From Principal

Dear Stakeholders,

IES Skärholmen is a calm and safe environment where we lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. We have gathered teachers from all around the globe to help the students to develop in their subjects as well as to become independent young adults. We are a school that surrounds the students with adult role models and we help the students find their own tools for success.


50% of the education in the school is in English and English is the corridor language. We know that our students can succeed and we are confident that our goal that 100% of our students will have the grades to go to gymnasium this academic year 2016/2017. Our students meritvärde is already the best in the area but our goal is to be best in Stockholm. Our teachers are very engaged and collaborate with external organisations and individuals to enrich the education provided and aid student development. Please contact us if you want to help our students to achieve their goals.



Alexandra Ohlén