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Jon Myrin - Skolambassadör for EU

Jon Myrin - Skolambassadör for EU
EU. Gymnasie- och kunskapslyftsminister Anna Ekström delade ut diplom vid en ceremoni på Europahuset i Stockholm. Nu ska de nya ambassadörerna arbeta för att utveckla undervisningen om EU på sina skolor.
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Virtue of the week

Virtue of the week


Yesterday was a great success during mentor time with 7B.

We spoke of Love the "Virtue of the week" and what it meant. 


And in the name of Love, they made beautiful cards with nice wishes

on them which we laminated and put around the soft toys in order to 

donate to the local refugee center. 


They understood the concept of helping others and that a higher

form of love is helping those in need.

Eating snacks and smarties they worked in nice groups together

sharing colouring pens and tips on what quotes to write on the cards, helping each other out. 


7C did the same although we are taking pictures tomorrow. And other classes

we will doing something end of this week, will send images of those later. 


Kind regards


Junior Sport cross-country skiing

Junior Sport cross-country skiing

You go in the fourth grade? Then there is a big chance that you can go skiing with the school sometime in February. "All the snow" is the idea, and that even those who have never skied can test the performing, then down a hill or cross country skiing.

For Maja, Fatima, Sulijana, Arsani and Miguel, who all go in the fourth grade at the international English school in Skärholmen, it was the first time when the other day got to try.

- You should try to glide through the snow and then putt with these pins. And stoop while puts them explains some of the students of our reporter.

And so justifies sixth-graders in Treälvsskolan why it should be more hours of physical education in schools.

Source: Sverige Radio

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Acknowledgement of Ms Bi Winberg IES Headship

Dear Parents & Students,

On Wednesday, August 31, you are cordially invited to join all staff at IES Skärholmen in our farewell to our former Principal Ms Bi Winberg. You are welcome to the school lunch restaurant between 4 – 6 pm. Light refreshments will be served.


Ms Alexandra Ohlén