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Library Grand Opening

Library Grand Opening

Honorable Parents,

Without libraries, what do we have? We have no past and no future as Ray Bradburg said. I chose this quote because it simply explains the importance of the library and it's treasures. The past in many ways, in the same way, does it help you in solving problems in life and in the future. Most importantly however, the library is a place where you can expect smart and clear answers to even the most difficult questions. They are only next in importance to schools, colleges and universities as means of educating the public. That is why we need to encourage children and students of all ages to comprehend the importance of the library and to visit one more often. For this reason, IES has renovated the small library to a larger one since it was also set off to the side but as you can see now it is the heart of the school. Our library allows students to explore the variety of genres in the books such as fiction, adventure, fantasy and biography and the library provides us with 500 books. In conclusion, books expand your knowledge and enchance your vocabulary and now instead of having 12 teachers I have 500.

-N.H 9B

Staff training

Staying one step ahead…

In this digital age, we need to prepare our students for future career opportunities by giving them the experience of using digital tools introducing the language of programming.

For the next academic year there will be changes to the course curriculum for Maths and Science with a component of digitalisation and computer programming - an essential aspect of all future engineering professions.


At IES Skärholmen, next year all students in every year group will learn about computer programming and practise coding.


In order to stay one step ahead of the curve and fulfil our commitment to high academic standards, our Maths and Science teachers have been getting prepared for the changes by attending a development evening at Tekniska Museet. They took part in workshops with and shared practise ideas with experts and staff from other IES schools so that we are ready to integrate digitalisation into our student’s education from August 2018!

Year 8 NO Project - The Periodic Table

Year 8 NO Project - The Periodic Table

Our brilliant and proud year 8 students have been working very hard with their project on the periodic table!

This display has really brought our school to life! A job well done!

The year 8's spent 4 weeks creating this project on the periodic table. Each of the 117 students (and myself) spent time researching a specific element of the periodic table. During this time the student synthesized their own questions to find focused information about their assigned element. They then rigorously researched their questions to find properties, uses, history and environmental impact of the element. After researching, the students made a creative display to organize the elements as they are on the periodic table. The interactive display allows staff and students to learn about the research they had done as a summary of the findings.

The 1st ASEA Cup 2017

The 1st ASEA Cup 2017

Spirits are running high and the energy is truly roof raising on this monumental day in December.  


The smell of sweat and the sound of thunder roars as the 4 Houses compete to be the best in the quest for glory.


We all wait to see WHO will take home the cup??



"Världen och Journalistiken in i klassrummet"

We are very proud to have an ongoing project together with Martin Schibbey called "The World and Journalism into the Classroom".
Martin Schibbey and Britt Stakston visited our school on August 30 to introduce the project for the students in Grade 9.

The students in year 9 will follow Martin on a report saga to a country in Africa via a closed Facebook group.
This is also an opportunity for us teachers in Swedish and SO to integrate our subjects and in a very rewarding and committed way for the students.

You will find more information on the website linked to the project.