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From the Principal

It feels great to be back at school after such hot and nice summer. We have been busy preparing for the school year. We will spend this first week building the foundations for working with equality in school. The standard timetable begins on Monday 20th August.

Renovations and Improvements
We have built a small group room in the grade 4 corridor and blocked an area around the gym hall to make those who wish to shower after PE lessons feel secure in doing so. We have also booked more time in Sätrahallen so that Grade 7 can have PE lessons there instead. This freed more time in our own gym so the other students have more time to get changed and prepare for their lesson. We do not have more information about the proposed expansion to the school yard yet but you will be informed as soon as we do.

Longer open hours for free breakfast
The option of free breakfast will continue this year with longer open hours(now 7.30 - 8.15) to suit the new schedule. Parents are always welcome to both breakfast and lunch when visiting!.

Personal Computers for Grade 8 and 9
Last year we successfully tested personal computers for grade 9. Our insurance provider does not allow for them to be taken from school and now we will try the same thing for grade 8!

Programming is timetabled for half-classes
The curriculum has changed so that programming now constitutes a larger part of education in school. Due to this change, we have qualified mathematics teachers teaching lessons in programming. We hope that this will help to develop our students’ ability to think logically and inspire a greater interest in mathematics.

Our compliance with GDPR means that some of the functionality of SchoolSoft has changed. Essentially, parents will only be able to access class list and other information about their own child. We had to make this change in order to comply with GDPR.

Results and the school's operational goals
100 % of our student qualified for gymnasiet last year! In order to improve other areas of the school we have aligned our school targets with the Student Council groups:

Theme of the goal                                                        Student influence group

Physical and mental health                                           Food Council

Higher expectations in verbal                                       Equal Rights Group

Consistent teaching and learning                                Academic Ambassadors

Calm and Safe environment                                         Student Council

We look forward to a great year together! Principal Alexandra Ohlén