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From the Principal

Dear students and guardians of IES Skärholmen

I hope you have been reading a lot with your children during the break! We have been preparing the school in different ways. 8C have new chairs that we are testing for the future to see if they work better than the one’s in the other classrooms. In year 4 and 5 the chairs now have silent balls to help the noise levels to go down when students take their chairs out. We have also refurnished the restaurant to make it more spacious and shorten the lunch queues. A lot happens in school when it is closed!

We have had several meetings with the kitchen and we have a solution that I think will work with the guidelines. We have fixed the schedule so that there won’t be that many in at the same time. We let the students sit in their year group now instead of only with their class, we have bought more heating cabinets to make sure the food does not run out (they will arrive w 47) and the kitchen has promised to make food that is more separated so they better fit students with needs. In the exit of the restaurant we have placed a survey for the food so that the students can tell if they want the dish again or not. The result from this is discussed during Monday management meetings and feedback is given to the kitchen and the food council. We now hope that the students will be happier with the food! If you have followed the news, Livsmedelsverket has updated their directives regarding food in school. We are happy to say that we already follow these and that it proves that we are on the right path in creating a sugar free school!

Study day the 12th of November
Monday the 12th of November is a Study Day for the students so the school is closed. The teachers will then look at all the individual students in the year group to see if any of them needs a little push in the right direction. An important day with focus on the individual student.

Teacher Development Conversation the 14th of November
If you have not done this already, go in to SchoolSoft and book a time with one of your child's teachers. This is the result of parent-school collaboration where the parents want the opportunity to meet the subject teacher for a deeper understanding of the children's learning in that subject.

Big competition week 47-50
During week 46 we will launch a big competition for good behavior. More information is to come but I want to promise you that if your child is in the running for winning the competition, you will be told in advance so that you can be a part of how this will be communicated.

As always, you are most welcome to meet me or Mr. West between 7.30 and 8.20 if you have questions or ideas.
Alexandra Ohlén, Principal IES Skärholmen