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From the Principal

Happy Holidays students and guardians of IES Skärholmen,

We celebrated Lucia as tradition on the 13th of December. The students were excellent, both as performers and as members of a participating yet respectful audience. We are so proud of how they have developed as we practice being an audience a lot at school. We end the 20th of December, one day before the municipality schools in Stockholm Stad. This is so that teachers who want to go home for the holiday can do that easier. Instead we start the 8th of January and if you need that day off you need to send an email to your mentor.

7th January
The 7th of January is an all staff day at school where we will update our security procedures. The students’ safety is our absolute priority. Teachers will be practicing fire drill, Lock Down procedure and train together with our CAD team in how to deal with tough situations. We will do this together with the security firm that we work with and our local police who also want to take part in the knowledge that we have in the building due to our teachers’ backgrounds from all around the world. A very good collaboration that we think will lead to a safer school, not only for us but for the community in general in the future.

We had an extra survey during december with a focus on satisfaction and safety. I am pleased to find everyone feels it is calmer in school! We will soon start with our larger, standard quality survey and we hope that you all answer it so that we get as clear a picture as possible on how you feel about our school.

We wish you all happy holidays and see you 2019!
Alexandra Ohlén, Principal IES Skärholmen