Welcome from the Principal

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

My name is Ms Ohlén, and I have been given the privilege to take over as principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan i Skärholmen. While I am originally a teacher, for the past few years I have held different management positions for both upper and lower schools. This has taught me that a calm, educational environment is the key to students’ continued success.

This is the fourth year for IES Skärholmen, and largely based on the suggestions parents and students have offered, we have been working hard all summer to create a both calm and safe environment for all students. You will all take notice of a lot of changes. If you or your child have any questions about these changes, please feel free to contact the assistant principal, Mr West, the academic manager, Mr Boyd, or myself, principal Ms Ohlén.

Cell Phone Ban

We have imposed a total and complete ban on cell phones on school premises during school hours. That means that mobile phones will be collected during the start of the day and returned at the end of the day. This is partly to hinder mobile phones from distracting students from school work, but also to prevent bullying through social media.

We are of course also going to be counteracting bullying on all fronts, and we are expecting that you, as parents, keep an eye out for what your children are doing outside of school hours both on and off social media.

If you wish to contact your child during the school day, you can do so via our reception/expedition. We have increased the staff to be able to take more calls and visits.

New Entrance

We have changed the entrance of the school so that there is only one entrance and exit (except for in case of emergency). Now everyone entering the school will do so via our beautiful and newly renovated main entrance, which will also serve as a café and a library. The recreational room has been moved to floor two and we have expanded with a room for student influence: “Barbra Bergströms room for student influence”.

Home Room and mixed classes

Students have now been divided into Home Rooms which they are responsible for, in order to create a serene educational environment for all students. Classes have been mixed from all age groups, apart from year 9. The most prominent change from previous years is that this now also includes year 5.

This is an IES concept that we, from experience, know will prevent bullying, creates calmness, and helps students build their identity and self-confidence.

We have also updated the mathematics lessons according to the latest research by having them in the Home Rooms and not separating the students. We have also increased the time for mathematics and hired extra teachers to support those students who need help. Ms Magnusson, a specialEd teacher in mathematics, will continue to give extra support to students who require further help.

New Teachers

During the summer we have lost a few of our Swedish teachers. We are working our absolute hardest to find competent and certified teachers to fill those voids. There is still a bit of work on that front that remains, which will result in that some classes, particularly year 7, will have substitute teachers for the remainder of the recruitment process. We have complete confidence that our substitutes will start the year off without complications.


As all other schools, we are working to decrease our teachers administrative work and give them more time with the students. This requires us to cease the weekly letters. As a replacement, we will instead call home once per month to check in. Any and all news can still be found on SchoolSoft.

My office hours can be found on SchoolSoft as well, and if you wish to speak to me on the phone shortly, please send an email where you ask me to call. You can also always come to me personally when I am greeting everyone 7:45-8:30 every morning.

Our children, the next generation, are the center of our lives. I am honored to be entrusted in their educational development. I look forward to a successful year and thank you for your trust and confidence!

Yours sincerely,

Ms Ohlén, Principal,

Internationella Engelska Skolan Skärholmen.