Year 5 investigates: How do plants grow?

Student Work
Year 5 investigates: How do plants grow?

by Marelize Heunis on October 12th 2020

Fee-fi-fo-fum! Year 5 had some fun! 

We all know the famous tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ but have you ever thought about how a beanstalk grows? What does it need to grow? Do all beanstalks grow to be as tall as the one in that famous story?

The Year 5 students paired up with their lab partners to do an investigation on the growth of a bean plant. Using their knowledge of photosynthesis and by following the steps of the scientific method, students made predictions, recorded data and analysed their results. 

What started out as a couple of beans germinating in cotton wool and tissue paper, resulted in beanstalks growing to be as tall as 19cm in just two weeks! However, some beans did not grow at all. How can that be? Did we add too much water or cotton wool? This was all part of our exciting investigation.

At the end of the investigation, students got to transplant their beanstalks and take them home to watch them grow even further. Just look at the size of this one growing in Rana’s kitchen (5C). Great job, Rana! 

We are continuing with our Biology unit and look forward to our students’ presentations of their 3D habitats and animal adaptations soon.