Junior Club

Here at Junior Club we enjoy organised, structured activities after school in a relaxed and calm environment. We offer a wide variety of options for the students to explore individually and as a group. It is important to us that each child’s personal needs are met and we strive to create a strong bond as a group. Activities we have explored so far include baking, talent shows, creating your own movie, Junior news, fashion shows, arts and crafts, outdoor sports, fundraising, meditation, movie Fridays and many more!

The kids at Junior Club have a lot to say and here are a few of their comments about Junior Club at IES Skärholmen:

“It’s cool, a nice place to be with the world’s best teachers” Angelo 4D

“Junior club is fun and there are kind people here” Emil 4B

“ We do fun activities and play together every day” Karim and Emil 4B

Junior Club is organised by Ms Flewers from the UK and Mr Adetunji from Nigeria. They love working with Junior Club and believe it is important to let the kids express themselves and help them develop life skills in a laid back atmosphere.