Life at IES Skärholmen

We, at IES Skärholmen strive for our students to fulfil their potential. We have a commitment to the holistic development of our students and we have high academic expectations. As part of our approach we endeavour to plant the seed of lifelong learning, encourage empathy for fellow humans and raise awareness of the importance of the environment both locally and internationally.

We pride ourselves on our internationalism and recruit our teachers from all over the world to find the most competent and best-equipped pedagogues in each subject. We provide English teaching by native speakers in 50% of subjects, specifically English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Craft. We also offer additional international qualifications in the I.G.C.S.E, recognised by universities and colleges worldwide as a benchmark or educational quality.

Our Grade 9 results from 2017 demonstrated the best ‘meritvärde’ in our neighbourhood and we encourage our teachers to continue their own education to ensure that our academic standards are always improving.

We recognise that life is not all about hard work. Our recreational facilities include ping-pong tables, pool tables, table football, basketball courts, football courts and we are developing our recreational area even further by installing outdoor climbing frames over the summer.

The student cafe is open throughout the day where the students can socialise when not in lessons and we have other extra-curricular activities including football and dodgeball tournaments, student-led dance classes, art classes and evening, fundraising, theme discos and fitness classes.