Student Work

House competition

This week sees the culmination of our first House competition where students from each house submitted designs for their House Shield. Both Junior and Senior School worked in House teams to design and another set will commence painting in Wk 39. Many thanks to all students who contributed, our Heads of House for coordinating and the Aesthetics Department under Head of Aesthetics, Mr Cheung for setting the bar high.

Year 5 - Let's Grow A Bean

Let's Grow A Bean!

The year 5 students have been learning about plants and how they grow!

Students worked together to each plant their own seed in a group Zip Lock bag with cotton wool. We then stuck the bags to the windows.

We are excited to see if they germinate.

Utopia, 2020, Acrylic on plastic.


This work, for the artist's gymnasium portfolio, showcases her idea of a utopia in the clouds. The work uses the transparency of the plastic sheets to create depth in the painting and an atmospheric effect. In this way it approaches the ephemeral and makes obvious how it is made of light just as much as paint. The work can be viewed from all angles and sways in the breeze caused by viewers walking around it. This utopia is delicate and can seem to disappear when looked at the wrong way, in this way the work speaks to the ideal it represents showing us a beautiful and fragile impossibility.