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Jon Myrin - Skolambassadör for EU

Jon Myrin - Skolambassadör for EU
EU. Gymnasie- och kunskapslyftsminister Anna Ekström delade ut diplom vid en ceremoni på Europahuset i Stockholm. Nu ska de nya ambassadörerna arbeta för att utveckla undervisningen om EU på sina skolor.
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Junior Sport cross-country skiing

Junior Sport cross-country skiing

You go in the fourth grade? Then there is a big chance that you can go skiing with the school sometime in February. "All the snow" is the idea, and that even those who have never skied can test the performing, then down a hill or cross country skiing.

For Maja, Fatima, Sulijana, Arsani and Miguel, who all go in the fourth grade at the international English school in Skärholmen, it was the first time when the other day got to try.

- You should try to glide through the snow and then putt with these pins. And stoop while puts them explains some of the students of our reporter.

And so justifies sixth-graders in Treälvsskolan why it should be more hours of physical education in schools.

Source: Sverige Radio

Link : http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/857791?programid=2905

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Information about beginning of term 2016/2017

Dear students and guardians at IES Skärholmen!

The Summer holiday has just begun and I hope you are having a great time. From rain to sunshine we are having a typically Swedish Summer…

We are planning the Autumn term and would like to give you some information about the initial two days. Induction day will be on Friday August 19th at the following times:


09:00 – 12:00     Year 4

09:30 – 12:00     Year 5

12.00 – 15:00     Year 6

12:30 – 15.00     Year 7

13:00 – 15:00     Year 8

13.30 – 15:00     Year 9


On Friday August 19th we will gather in the schoolyard where you will meet with your mentors. Please note no lunch will be served on this day.

On Monday August 22nd all students start at 08:30 with a mentor day and lunch will be served as usual.


Have a wonderful Summer!

Ms Winberg and staff

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ÖPPET HUS torsdag 9/6 mellan 16.00-18.30

ÖPPET HUS torsdag 9/6 mellan 16.00-18.30

Välkommen på ÖPPET HUS torsdag 9/6 mellan 16.00-18.30

Kära föräldrar!

Terminen går mot sitt slut och som vanligt har vi lagt en vecka student choice/elevens val i slutet av terminen.

På torsdag 9/6 mellan 16.00-18.30 håller vi öppet hus för er. Ta tillfället i akt och kom in på en fika som föräldraföreningen PTA arrangerar. Titta på vad era barn gjort i de 25 olika work shops som vi erbjudit.

Vi ställer också ut en del elevarbeten från läsåret som gått och våra musiklärare bjuder på konsert där biljetterna kostar 20 kr.

Varmt välkomna önskar

Ms. Winberg och all personal

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Extracurricular Music at IES Skärholmen

Hello from Ms Moore and Mr Saville!

We are very excited to announce the extracurriculars we will have this term! There are six music groups plus ES every week. Here is a summary:

Band, all years, 15.30-16.30 (odd weeks only!)

ES, all years, 15.30-16.45

Ukulele Band, years 4-6, 14.45-15.30

Junior School Choir, years 4-6, 14.15-15.15
Senior School Choir, years 6-9, 15.30-16.30

Ukulele Band and Junior School Choir take place in the upstairs music room in the year 5 corridor. All other groups and ES take place in the downstairs music room by the staff room.

Please contact Ms Moore or Mr Saville if you have any questions. Remember - you are welcome to join, even if you will be late due to class.
See you there!

- The Music Department